LimID let’s you effortlessly insert security codes used for authentication on secure online websites. With LimID you can stop carrying your security token around with you and you no longer have to manually generate and type security codes. The LimID prototype was developped specifically for use with Vasco‘s security token (pictured below) as used by Norway’s largest bank DNB amongst others.

DIGIPASS GO 3 as used by DNB.no

As an example, a user of DNB’s online bank will regularly have to retrieve the security token, push the button and transcribe a 6-digit code to authenticate online. With LimID, the same user need only push one keyboard hotkey to have the same 6-digit code automatically generated and pasted into the active field of the website. LimID makes authenticating online in a snap.

LimID is based on Arduino and connects to a PC through two USB cables, the accompanying software must also be installed on the PC. For more information and technical details, see the Pictures, Videos  and Build it! pages.